Name (s)
Alvah Smith

Where You Live
Los Feliz, CA

One Sentence Life Story
I wish the universe was different.


Contact Information

Creative Endeavors
Scenic artist, maquette sculptor, composer, illustrator who has worked on Moral Orel, and, the Robot Chicken: Star Wars special(first). Every day I log onto IMDB and my “Star” level plummets another 5 points.

How You Are Connected to DWAP Productions
Cover artist for ‘Caffeine Dreams #3’, artist on ‘O.B.a.M: A Imersao de Juan’, writer/artist on the upcoming ‘Anonime Nichrochelle’, and pain in Dale Wilson’s butt.

What Inspires You
Anything that changes into a 60-100 foot robot, ’80s power metal, anything by Johann Sebastian Bach, anything that Jim Henson has ever come up with, anything that Theodore Geisel Has come up with, the art of Roy Lichtenstein, and ‘Smilla’s Sense of Snow’…Just kidding about that last bit, I hated the shit outta that movie.

Alvah Smith or The Flash or Alvah Smith as The Flash?!

Alvah Smith or The Flash or Alvah Smith as The Flash?!

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