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So as a way of looking further at what inspires people and how they respond to that question – I asked several of the creators associated with DWAP Productions to answer a few questions and respond to a few statements. I got some interesting reactions and will be posting them here over the next few weeks.

And to start it all off, here is my example that I sent to the creators.

*Name (s)
dale wilson
dale @ DWAP Productions

Where You Live

One Sentence Life Story
I migrated from PA to LA via MO where I met AP, then Vienna where I stepped up & SF where I stepped around.


Contact Information

Creative Endeavors
I am a writer, artist (though I can’t draw) and publisher.

How You Are Connected to DWAP Productions
I co-own it with AP – I write a lot of stories that we publish.

*What Inspires You?
• Music – Particularly Tool, Ministry, Skinny Puppy (And Related Projects), Heavy, Quirky, New, Industrial, Jazz, Drum –N- Bass, Experimental – There Is So Much More Than I Can Really List Here.
• Movies – Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Foreign – Yeah, Kinda Typical But Generally Well Made And Edgy Films.
• My Wife and Dog
• Showers
• Long Walks
• Anger, Frustration – The Need To Vent
• Competition
• The Desire To Inspire Or Open Other People’s Eyes
• The Want To Not Be Part Of The Problem
• Other People’s Work/Art

dale wilson, DW, dale @ DWAP Productions

dale wilson, DW, dale @ DWAP Productions

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Dale Wilson

Dale Wilson is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of, co-founder of DWAP Productions, head publisher at and a Creative Editor at The Search Agency. He is obviously busy all of the time but he seems to like it because he keeps coming back for more. Dale has a BA in Literature and Language with a minor in religion from Webster University in St Louis MO where he met his wife, Astra. He and his wife live near Glendale CA with their Pit Bull Mix, Griffin. Dale is Google certified and on weekends, he writes about comic books and publishes them online and in print.