OK – here we go,

San Diego Comic Con was INSANE! It was crazy & stressful but SO much fun! And I have the pics to prove it!

Above and beyond that, this week is the last panel for Easy Demons on Magnificent Creatures! Can it be the end already?! At least for Easy Demons (for now). This was a great project and a lot of fun to work on with Patrik Washburn and Astra Price (the AP in DWAP).

Please check back @ Magnificent Creatures next week for Undead End – ewww – cool title!

We also have a great new Shooting Dogs page at DWAP Productions – peep that now. Another great page from D.V.Ruiz – peep his great work on Maggie and The Flying Gasman in Caffeine Dreams 04!

A Maggie and The Flying Gasman Preview Image!

A Maggie and The Flying Gasman Preview Image!

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