OK – so, inspiration and discovery are a huge part of what Big Ships is all about. And writers are always asked where do story ideas come from? Where do we get inspiration? Unlike many other stories I’ve written, with Big Ships I have a pretty good idea about the origins of the story, the early seeds and what caused them to grow.

I am a Skinny Puppy audiophile – I own all of their major releases and most of their singles. Listening to Skinny Puppy led me to listen to their side projects, one of which is Doubting Thomas. Doubting Thomas has an amazing track called COME IN PEACE on their album THE INFIDEL. This beautiful song has several samples from the movie, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (the original classic). Being an obsessive audiophile, I had to find out where these samples came from, what might have lead Doubting Tomas to create this song from these samples.

So I watched THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, which lead me to watch lots of other films from the same era. And at about the same time I was watching tons of amazing Science Fiction films from the 40s and 50s, I watched WHAT THE #$*! DO WE KNOW?! – another film about inspiration and discovery. In this movie, they tell a story about what people living in North America might have experienced when they first saw ships off the coast. All of these things come together in my brain to make me think about a modern take on the Native American story but with a bit of a 40s science fiction feel.

So the whole time I’m listening to this music and watching all of these movies, I’m meeting the incredibly talented Todd “Brocasso” Harris and he and I are trying to figure out a short comic story for us to collaborate on. One long night at a coffee house, I pitch him the idea for Big Ships, kinda telling him where the concept has come from and he looks up from his tablet to say, “That would be a challenge to make look interesting, let’s do it.”

And so, several years later, there it is: Big Ships. First printed in Caffeine Dreams issue 01 and later published online for your enjoyment. We hope that you have liked it and that maybe it inspires you to do something even more creative. Thank you for reading and don’t fear squeegeeing your third eye.

-dale @ DWAP Productions

Early First Panel of Big Ships by Brocasso and dale @ DWAP Productions

Early First Panel of Big Ships by Brocasso and dale @ DWAP Productions

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